2020 and 2021 Campers

We just completed our fabulous virtual camp for July 2021.

Campers selected to attend camp in 2020 (cancelled because of the pandemic) joined campers selected in 2021.

Each student received a Tech Trek ToolKit containing all the materials needed to successfully navigate the virtual world for a core class and the afternoon STEM activities.

Classes were small with 10-12 per class. Virtual breakout rooms for 3-5 campers and a teaching assistant were provided when working on hands-on projects. Click to read more about Core Classes. We had core classes each morning for three hours:

  • Bodies by Design
  • Chemistry is pHun!
  • Cyber Security
  • Thinkabit Wearable Tech
  • Understanding Climate Change

Chemistry is pHun!

Afternoon experiences are also hands-on learning and varied to include virtual field trips of all sorts, financial management for teens, friendship bracelet making, and an array of workshops/labs that allow campers to make things and explore STEM principles. Bet you can’t guess what some of these workshop titles represents!? Click here for more info…

Apps for Fun
Colander Trampoline
Disease Detectives
Engineering Challenges
Eye See You
Growing without Soil
Physical Properties of Gases
Roller Coaster Physics

And finally, campers and staff experienced making their own videos and presentations. The final Friday was filled with producing videos and presenting them to peers and families in a closing event for the camp.