Former Campers

Student Counselors at PLU

Evident from the pyramid on the CAMPERS page, opportunities to engage with Tech Trek are numerous with varying time commitment, personal and professional benefits in return and, of course, being around a diverse pool of cool STEM women. Campers have returned to camp as student campers, dorm monitors, health aides, speakers. Tech Trek is not a one and done week, it can impact you for years to come.

Keep In Touch

Your friends at Tech Trek WA and the AAUW branch members who sent you to camp want to know how you are doing. Please keep in touch with them. Simply email and you will be put in touch the AAUW branch who sponsored you. Be sure to put “Tech Trek” in the subject line and tell us which camp and year you attended. Your current email addresses are particularly useful. We will not share them with anyone outside the Tech Trek community.

Tell Us Your Stories

We would be delighted to hear if you followed your science and math interest in high school. If you are attending college, what college and what’s your major? If you have reached adulthood, what career are you pursuing?


Interviews with 2018 Student Counselors at PLU.