Afternoon Labs

A Sampler of Past Labs

Game Star Mechanic

Before games can go out into the market, all of their bugs have to be worked out. In this workshop, you will learn how to test and fix problems in video games, then create a game of your own.


Layering Liquids

Anyone can stack blocks or legos, but only those with a steady hand and a little understanding of chemistry can stack liquids? What if you could stack six different liquids in six different layers? Join us and see if you’ve got what it takes!

What is Light Made Of?

The girls will investigate the colors of different types of light and using it to identify the composition earth and space materials.

Roller Coaster Physics

In small groups, you will engineer a roller coaster that safely accelerates a marble through twists, turns, and loops on a foam track. Together we will analyze the roller coasters to determine the marbles greatest potential and kinetic energy. We will also discuss gravity, inertia, friction, and centripetal force.

Eye See You

The eye is a complex organ that picks up wavelengths of light and converts it into information our brains can process. “Eye See You” lab is a hands on dissection of a cow’s eyeball so you may have the opportunity to discover the structures within the eye that allow us to focus and take in visual information around us. Beauty really is in the”EYE” of the beholder.

Models and Designs: Ten Minute Challenges

We will design and build a series of models to meet challenges.

Engineering Challenges: Touchdown Engineering

We will design and build shock absorbing systems that will protect two “astronauts” when they land. Roller Coaster activities: we will design, build and test roller coasters, using pipe insulation and marbles.


In this workshop, campers will begin learning the science and math behind sending secret messages. Cryptography has long been used by spies and the government for sending top secret information. In this workshop, campers will understand how you encounter cryptography every day, including when you shop on the Internet and use ATM machines.


Sometimes kids with the same parents look very different from each other. We will work with imaginary creatures to learn how genetics produces variety in offspring.

Gravi-Bouncing Trampolines

Have you ever wondered why some people bounce higher on a trampoline than others?  Using common kitchen items, you will build a colander trampoline and answer that question.

Finances for Teens

The world of finance looks pretty complex and there are a lot of words that might be hard to apply to your life but this lab will make goal setting, expenses, credit, taxes, wages and budgeting a simple affair. Learn long term skills to apply to any level of money earning.