Lab/Workshop Descriptions 2022

Cryptography (Dunbar & McClintock PLU camps)
In the Cryptography Workshop you will begin learning the science and math behind sending secret messages. Cryptography has long been used by spies and the government for sending top secret information. In this workshop, you will understand how you encounter cryptography every day, including when you shop on the Internet and use ATM machines.

Defying Gravity (Engineering Design Process) (Dunbar & McClintock PLU camps)
Campers will attempt to defy gravity using air resistance while designing, building, and testing parachutes and air-powered rockets.

Elements of the Stars (Dunbar & McClintock PLU camps)
Embark on a trip to discover how we are but combinations of bits forged in stars eons ago. You will love this interactive “elemental” workshop. Megan will help you “connect the dots” from the farthest reaches of the universe to the smallest bit of matter.

Engineering Challenges (Touch Down Capsule, Roller Coasters) (Dunbar PLU camp)
Campers will design and build models to meet challenges. Design and build a shock-absorbing system that will protect two “astronauts” when they land. Explore motion and forces by building roller coasters with foam tubing. Can you safely get your marble passenger through loops, corkscrews and other features?

Extraction of DNA Lab (McClintock PLU camp)
Students will determine the presence of DNA in their food by extracting and isolating it from a strawberry.

Making Apps (Dunbar PLU camp)
Ever thought about making apps for a living or just for fun? How about creating an app that can help you with something? Well you can and this workshop will be your first step in doing so. You are going to amaze yourself and yes, you can share these apps with your friends.

We will be using a program called MIT App Inventor 2 which is found on the web. We will be making an app which will have several different parts to it. You will have a cat which you will paint a variety of colored lines on top of it, delete the lines, and you will also make it “meow” when shaken.

Mars Rover (Dunbar & McClintock PLU camps)
Imagine that you are preparing to be on a mission to Mars. You will need a trusty Rover to take with you to carry samples while you explore the planet. Following the criteria and constraints given, you will design and create your Rover, then face-off with other Rovers to see whose performs the best.

Medical Skills 101 (Dunbar & McClintock PLU camps)
Doctors and nurses have a lot of hands-on skills they have to master. Learn how to check reflexes, pull up solutions into a syringe and give injections. We will also listen to lung and heart sounds, and learn the basics of interpreting X-rays.

Rebops/Genetics (Dunbar & McClintock PLU camps)
Sometimes kids with the same parents look very different from each other. We will work with imaginary creatures to learn how genetics produces variety in offspring.

Scratch Coding (McClintock PLU camp)
In this workshop students will participate in an interactive introduction to the educational programming language Scratch ( Students will learn basic programming concepts such as variables, if statements and loops by creating interactive scenes and games that incorporate events, movement, sound and graphic effects. The importance of learning programming and computing skills for a variety of STEM fields will be discussed.

Shellfish Biology (Dunbar & McClintock PLU camp)
Shellfish are an important part of Washington’s economy, community and environment. Come learn about shellfish jobs and how these bivalves help keep Puget Sound clean and healthy. Activities include identifying local shellfish species, feeding mussels a plankton smoothie, dissecting an oyster, and viewing live plankton under microscopes.