Info for Former Campers

Keep In Touch

Your friends at Tech Trek WA and the AAUW branch members who sent you to camp want to know how you are doing. Please keep in touch with them. Simply email and you will be put in touch the AAUW branch who sponsored you. Be sure to put “Tech Trek” in the subject line and tell us which camp and year you attended. Your current email addresses are particularly useful. We will not share them with anyone outside the Tech Trek community.

Tell Us Your Stories

We would be delighted to hear if you followed your science and math interest in high school. If you are attending college, what college and what’s your major? If you have reached adulthood, what career are you pursuing?

Opportunities For Former Tech Trekkers

Former campers can serve as student counselors, dorm mothers, teachers, guests at Professional Women’s Nights, AAUW branch coordinators, and even camp directors.

Student Counselors

Camp directors select these valuable camp assistants, conforming to the needs each camp. Our goal is to have all student counselors be former Tech Trekkers, usually at the camp they attended as rising 8th graders.

To be eligible to become a Student Counselor, you must be age 16 by January 1 of the year you want to attend as a student counselor. This usually means you will be entering the 11th grade.

Student Counselor Job Descriptions

Please see the volunteer page of this website for the Student Counselor Job Descriptions. Student counselors at Tech Trek WA camps are partnered with a dorm monitor and group of eight to twelve campers. You also will act as teacher aides in the core classes. Each camp director decides the number of student counselors needed and what these valued counselors will do.

How to Apply

Contact the volunteer coordinator through the volunteer link on this website.

Other Opportunities for Former Tech Trekkers

Former campers have returned for Professional Women’s Night, impressing current campers (and staff) that the 13-year-old they knew years ago is now a doctor or scientist. Several young women have also returned as dorm moms, teachers, AAUW Tech Trek branch coordinators—the women who choose the new campers—and perhaps, as happened in 2012, as camp directors, when Cassie Resendez and Becca Jennings directed Tech Trek at CSU Fresno. Former trekker Stephanie Morris co-directed the Sonoma camp in 2013. This is SO exciting!

Because our campers are so special we are not at all surprised when they become successful adults with exciting careers. As always, please keep in touch!