Camp Info


This camp is right for students who answer with a “sure, maybe, or yeah” to the following.

    • I like to try or learn NEW things.
    • I get excited when I get to the ANSWER of a problem.
    • I enjoy a CHALLENGE and usually can complete it.
    • Working on projects in small TEAMS is FUN.
    • PUZZLES are cool to solve.

Quotes from past campers:

  • “My experience at Tech Trek was an amazing one. I made new friends and learned about things I didn’t even know existed! I solidified my idea of my future career in the computer sciences and made soap, and in that process I learned about the periodic table of elements, the pH scale, and about the chemical process of saponification.”
  • “I got to hang out with other girls who also wanted to go into similar careers as mine. I have never met so many people as interested in STEM as I did here. I made a lot of new friends, which isn’t exactly easy for me.”

Tech Trek campers have many options after Camp to stay in these positive and resource-
rich STEM environments.

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