Core Classes

Core Class Descriptions 2021

Bodies by Design

How do all the parts of our bodies work together, to function as an amazing biological whole? Join us while we explore the human body systems! Through model-building, diagrams, and hands-on activities, campers will learn to identify the parts of each system; compare systems to each other at the cellular, tissue, and organ level; discuss each system’s function in relation to their structure; understand how the systems work together and compare our body system to those of other animals.

Chemistry is pHun!

In the Chemistry section we will explore how chemistry is a part of our everyday lives. We will be investigating what acids and bases are, what things are acids and what things are bases. We will learn what makes things acids and bases, how we can determine their strengths and how we can neutralize them.

Cyber Security

In Cyber Security, you will be immersed with your teammates in games, activities and scenarios. We will explore how computers talk to each other, understand binary, and how the internet works. While working in small teams, you will participate in escape room type activities and learn more about keeping yourself safe online.

Understanding Climate Change

Dig deep into one of the hottest topics in STEM! The class starts with an in-depth look at sources of CO2 and the greenhouse effect with an engaging lab and demonstrations. We’ll take a look at common misconceptions about climate change and try to understand why people might logically come to these incorrect conclusions. You will then conduct your own scientific research, discuss ripple effects, and examine solutions. You will come away prepared to analyze what you hear about climate change out in the world. You’ll also be ready to use critical thinking skills to draw your own conclusions about ways you can take action to mitigate the effects of climate change in your homes, schools, communities – and beyond!

Wearable Tech

Are you interested in a career in technology? In Wearable Tech, you will explore how your unique talents might help you find the right career. In the Hands-on Engineering activities, you will learn about electronics and how to use them to complete circuits. Your final project will be a wearable project using what you learned about your unique talents in Hands-on Engineering. You need to have either a PC or a Mac to use for this class. A tablet or Chromebook will not work.