Volunteer to Work at Tech Trek WA

Tech Trek Washington is looking for volunteers/staff with a commitment to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. See below for the full breadth of jobs available.

Working with Tech Trek is a great way to get involved in helping girls discover their potential in STEM. Tech Trek is staffed almost entirely by volunteers and couldn’t be done without these efforts. Volunteers receive room and board on campus, mileage to/from home/campus and a modest stipend.


Interested in any of the below described positions? Please submit our  Interest Form.

| Dorm Monitor | Health Aide | Student Counselor |

| Workshop Presenter | Teacher | Camp Leadership |

Dorm Monitor

Dorm Monitors are responsible for a small group of Tech Trek campers, provide emotional support, and respond to campers’ questions and concerns throughout the week.

Each Dorm Monitor will have a ‘dorm group’ of seven to ten girls. Dorm monitors will hold daily meetings with their dorm groups and keep track of their whereabouts throughout the day. They will accompany girls to campus activities and field trips and will be in charge of the enforcement of camp rules and policies.
Application Form (Word doc to be filled in)
Full Position Description (pdf)

NOTE: Dorm Monitors must be at least 21 years old.

Student Counselor

Student counselors are high school (age 16 by January 1 of camp year) or college student volunteers who assist teachers, Dorm Monitors and the Camp Director during the week of Tech Trek camp with activities, field trips, material preparation and general camper needs.

Student counselors will be paired with a Dorm Monitor and help supervise campers throughout the day and assist camp staff with classes and other activities. They will help to provide a safe environment, monitor campers, ensure they are where they need to be, and act as role models for the campers by demonstrating a warm, positive outlook and attitude as well as excitement for STEM.
Application Form (Word doc to be filled in)
Full Position Description (pdf)
NOTE: Student Counselor candidates must be age 16 by January of the camp year.

Health Aide

The Health Aide provides basic medical support as needed and is the first line of medical support for campers. The Health Aide should be highly organized and comfortable discussing medical needs of campers, prepared for all medical issues that might arise during camp activities.

Health Aides will be on call 24 hours a day for the duration of camp and be able to respond immediately to health needs. They will keep records of campers’ medical information and be familiar with any potential health issues listed in camper’s health history. Health Aides will also hold ‘clinic hours’ during the week. Applicants for this position should be a senior nursing student, current health care provider or a retired health care provider with updated training.
Full Position Description (pdf)
NOTE: Health Aides must be at least 21 years old.

Workshop Presenter

Workshop Presenters present one (or more) 90-minute workshop to campers during the week of Tech Trek. Workshops are normally repeated in multiple sessions/on multiple days so that all campers can participate.

Workshop presenters should be organized, prepared and have a disposition that reflects excitement for Tech Trek and STEM learning. They should have a good reputation in their workplaces, schools, or communities as an involved STEM practitioner or educator and role model.
Workshop Presenter Application Form 2023


Teachers will provide a STEM core class (3 hours/day for 4 mornings) and conduct two 90 minute workshops on three afternoons during the week of Tech Trek camp.

Classes should include stimulating hands-on activities and STEM-focused coursework. Students may work on cumulative projects throughout the week or have a different project each day. Teachers should have multiple years of teaching experience in a STEM field and be prepared to encourage and appreciate student effort and act as role models.
2023 Teacher Application Form
Full Position Description (pdf)

Camp Leadership Positions

Program Director: Manage program throughout the year at national, state, and branch levels to ensure camp staffing, student selection, and fiscal responsibility.
Program Director Position Description (pdf)

Camp Director: Manage camp staffing, curriculum, and day to day leadership over approximately 6 months of the year.
Director Position Description (pdf)

Assistant Camp Director: Assist Camp Director in many ways over approximately 3 months of the year.
Asst. Camp Director Position Description (pdf)

Curriculum Coordinator: Recruit STEM core class teachers and workshop presenters. Review proposed curriculum from volunteer teachers.
Curriculum Position Description (pdf)

Volunteer Coordinator: Perform outreach to recruit AAUW members, teachers, parents, students, and community members to serve as committed and passionate volunteers for Tech Trek.
Volunteer Coordinator Position Description (pdf)

Social Media Coordinator: Manage Tech Trek camp social media, photo, blog, and web efforts.
Social Media Position Description (pdf)

Student and Family Coordinator: Manage camper nomination, application, selection, and registration processes.
Student/Family Coordinator Position Description (pdf)


Interested in any of the above job descriptions? Questions?
Teachers/Workshop Presenters: tt-teacher@aauw-wa.org
Other jobs: tt-volunteer@aauw-wa.org